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I have a Cane Creek AD-12 . When under pressure I have ~2 inches of exposed shaft, but when empty I have 0.5 inches. Even while holding in the air release valve and compressing it gently I still have 0.5 inches.

Does anyone know how much actual shaft should be present when under pressure?

Any one know if it is supposed to compress all the way down the shaft and not leave the 0.5 inches?



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Robert, it all depends on what the shock was spec'd to provide.

If you've got a 6.5" eye-to-eye, there is a very good chance the shock was designed for only a 1.5" stroke, or even as low as 1.2". So yeah, some unused shaft will be left revealed when fully compressed.

This isn't the greatest photo to use as an example, but here's my 6.5 x 1.5" AD-12. The stroke stops where the dust tapers off along the right hand edge (not the clean edge on the left). There's something shy of 1/2" of unused shaft showing.

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