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Now they've gone and done it....loving my Bolt and using it on all 5 of my bikes now. I can't see doing a gravel ( or road ) race without it.

Any they come out with a new bad boy. Looks really nice!

Looks like I'll have a used one for sale soon....ha

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While I really like how Wahoo leverages its phone app to ease setup, I DO NOT like how reliant this new device has become on using the phone for some of its core functions.

Also, I searched for info about the device and read a really lame velosnooze article about how functions of the ROAM are really geared towards mtb use and after DC Rainmaker's review, I'm simply not seeing it. I mean, okay, there's MTBProject route integration, and forthcoming Strava route integration (and the velonews article referenced Trailforks, too) but all of that functionality is for ROUTES that I don't even use on my mtb.

I know some folks like that sort of thing, but it's so far down on my list of "core requirements" for a computer to use on my mtb, that I could take them or leave them, to be honest. Things I think are core requirements for a mtb GPS include:

-- Topo maps. I don't care where they come from. But it MUST display topo maps. Garmins are nice in that you can go 3rd party, or you can get Garmin's maps if you want a little less hassle in acquiring them. The ability to update those maps from time to time is nice, too. Roads change sometimes.
-- A way to display a whole trail network as part of the basemap. I'm not naive enough to expect every basemap provider to include all of the trails (even if they make those claims). But what I do expect is enough flexibility to get my hands on trail maps from SOMEWHERE and load them onto my device. Displaying a route of something I want to ride is only part of the story. I want to see the side trails, in case I want to deviate a little bit from my original plans. Or in case for one reason or another I need to adjust my plans. Yes, I try to carry high quality paper maps of the places I ride, but those aren't always available. Digital maps are one of my alternate methods of navigating in those scenarios.
-- The device ABSOLUTELY MUST be able to operate 100% independently from my phone and a data connection when I'm out on a ride. It's okay if there are some connected features that require a data connection, but aren't critical to core functionality. But core device functions absolutely should not. And that includes basic navigation functions. I ride a lot of places where cell reception is garbage. The place I ride most is 10min from my house (where I have fiber optic internet), but the terrain blocks all cell signals at the trailheads.

And you also can't ignore that it's priced higher than competing devices, but has notably reduced functionality in a few key areas. The higher price might be something I'd gladly pay if it was otherwise on equal footing. I'd pay more to have the improved setup via the phone app. But you've gotta give me the 3 things I mentioned above.
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