What is it?

It's that time of year when the days are short, the temperatures are cold and the trails are buried under snow or muddy. Nothing beats being outside but when riders gotta ride several times a weak. Riding and physical exertion gets our joints and circulation going, or bodies warm and sanity in check.

These two products are some of the best in class so here's our take on them.

There are two products discussed in this video, the Wahoo KICKR smart trainer and the Zwift on-line gaming/training app. Trainers have traditionally been the most boring invention known to mountain bikers and only the most hardcore, goal-oriented riders were able to use them consistently. And that's the key concept of consistency and sustainability that we want to explore. It's simply not easy to do when we are mountain bikers used to the great outdoors.

But when days are short and the trails are covered in snow, desperation and chemical imbalance can set in our minds and bodies. We find our backs stiffening up and our mood changing when we don't get our regular spin in. Wahoo and Zwift attempt to rescue us from this predicament by making a game out of indoor training.

Wahoo Kickr

The Wahoo KICKR is a top-shelf option at $1200.​

In this video, we'll keep it very simple. There is so much technology behind these platforms that the most tech hungry geek will be happy for days. But like the iPhone and modern bikes, technology is best when it is transparent and doesn't interfere with the experience. We'll dig into the ANT+ wattage details later.


The graphics and music of the Zwift system are undoubtedly entertaining.​

For more information visit www.wahoofitness.com and zwift.com.