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I'm in the preliminary stages of building a VPX and I have a couple of questions.

I think some of these questions have been asked but I can't seem to find the threads.

So far..... (which isn't a whole lot)

Sram Rear D and shifters
Shimano Front D
Hayes Brakes
Mavic 823 Disc
Maxxis Minions f/r
Hadley Hubs
WTB Seat
Thompson Seatpost

Now here are the questions:

What cranks and b.b.? Does the Diablous work with the VPX sizing?

Fork: I think I'm going with the 2005 Breakout +. It sounds as if the problems have been fixed, but I've never owned a Manitou fork before.

The other major question I have is: if I go with the Breakout+ has anyone found a 1.5/31.8 stem?

Lastly, what headset works with the 1.5?

I'm sure these sound like basic questions to most, but I'm not the type of person who keeps up with all the reviews.

Whatever help, advice, insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated,

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I have basic FSA Platinium Pro 113/78E ISIS BB with Middleburn cranks + E13 chainguide.

I use the Cane Creek Double X headset. I know FSA also has 1.5 headsets, but I find the Cane Creek to be superior in Quality.

I have the S.I.C Living Large Stem, which is quite convincing piece of aluminium. There are also 1.5 stems from FSA and Race Face + a few others.

I used to use Marzocchi and I have Fox Vanilla RLC on my other bike. I am really impressed about the Breakout Plus. Go for it.


Cane Creek


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See the thread about using the correct front derailleur for that info.

A lot of what your decisions may be are on what is available through your dealer and his distributors. For example, one shop I went through had access to FSA stems, but FSA 1.5 headsets were not available - go figure.

There are a few stems in the 1.5/31.8 combo: FSA, Answer, and another one that I have not been able to identify the brand name by the logo (SIC?). Be careful, many stem manufacturers are a little vague when listing available sizes (Race Face is the worst - they don't have one).

For headsets, your basic two choices that I am aware of are Cane Creek and FSA (FSA has several offerings). I understand that they're all made in the same factory. I have the Cane Creek sealed unit.

For cranks, I am running the standard Shimano 760 crankset.

I also went with a 2005 Breakout +. I don't really have an opinion about it yet.

For more info on 1.5 stuff (it is an older page) go here:
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