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On the air shock...

rug wheelie said:
VP-Free with XO FR Kit, DHX Air & '06 Boxxer World Cup?

What do you think of this set up?
For me the idea of using a dual crown fork like that Boxxer on a bike with a 150mm hub, and then using an air shock seems a little "at odds" with each other. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big air shock fan. I have two on Bullits right now and have a Nomad coming with one. However, these bikes are built up as big hit trail bikes with a consideration towards weight and durability. Personally I feel that the Free begs to remain a bigger hit FR bike, while bikes like the Nomad, Intense 6.6, and others are filling that "big hit with light weight" category. I have ridden the Free and was highly impressed with it. If I was going to build it up in lighter mode, I'd use something like a Fox Van 36 or Marz 66SL fork, a Fox DHX Air, CrossMax XL wheels, and other lighter, but still stout, components. Ooops, can't use that rear wheel on that 150mm frame...another reason that tends to keep the weight of a Free a little high. To me once you slap a dual crown like the Boxxer on it, you might as well go with a coil shock on the rear...or just go to a different bike. Obviously this is just my perspective, but I've bounced this issue around for quite some time on my Bullits, going from a 41lb. Bullit down to a 32 lb. Bullit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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