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VP-Free Questions

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Hi guys.

i'm looking at buying a vpfree in the next few months and just have some questions I thought you guys could help me out. First of all I ride pretty aggressive DH/FR 90% of the time, but don't mind going on the occasional AM ride now and again. i'm about 190 cms (6'3) and weight about 72 kgs (158 pounds)

My proposed spec (at this stage :D ) is:

06 888 RC2X with DHX or Roco
Minions on 721's laced to hadleys
Shortcage X.0 with Holzefeller Cranks, Howiziter BB and E13 SRS
EA70 Bars & Seatpost with Vice Stem
Juicy 7 carbons and X.0 Shifter

1. I currently ride a medium IH sunday. I've never payed to much attention to the size but it's never really bothered me so I'm assuming it's alright. Now after reading around some pages on here and other site it seems alot of guys my size are riding larges (Free's). So will a large be the right size for me ? I still want to beable to throw the bike around abit :)

2. DHX or Roco ? I've got a DHX 5 on my sunday and I have to say it's pretty dam nice, however the few reviews I've read around the net suggest that the Roco is another step up is this true ?

3. Howziter ? Will it fit ? I want to run and E13 SRS so I'm assuming I'll need an ISCG adapter as the Free doesn't have the tab's ? And will I have to get the little pivot bump shaved of on the non drive side to run the outboard bearings ?

3. Finally, the colour. After looking at tonnes of pics I've come up with this:

Can anyone tell me what colour this is please ?

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
James. :)
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That one looks like Powdercoat Black; (same color I have).
If I were you, I'd go with Black Anodized.
1. If you want a bike you flick around you should get the Large. Then again, you only weigh 158lbs. so you might need to ride the small! Eat a pizza man! :D Kidding, get the large.

2. You can't go wrong with either shock, but the vpp design is supposed to work without a platform shock, so the Roco might be a great match.

3. Your Howitzer/SRS setup will fit, and the pivot molding has been adapted to accomodate outboard bb cups.

4. That looks like pc black. Too shiny to be ano.
Thanks alot guys.

Looks like it'll be a large and if the frame is shipped with a DHX I'll stick with it, but if it doesn't I might go with the Roco and see how it goes.

Man I need a new computer screen cause that looks nothing like black to me( or maybe it's my eyes :eek: ). So is this frame the PC black aswell ?

Any major disadvantages to PC over Ano ??

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Black Chrome?

My monitor makes that picture look like the Black Chrome PC from the SC site. If I were you I would think about getting Anodized. My Black PC Free is a year old and it is seriously beat up, new paint job might be in order over the winter. My buddy's ano black is the same age (and abuse) and looks pretty much like the day it arrived in the box.

At 6'3" I would recommend the Large.
Ya, what he said! Spend the extra pesos and get anodized. I also have a PC VP-Free and an Ano Nomad. The ano holds up a lot better!

That last pix may be the Ano Silver. Very similar to the Ano Slate color.
This one; (Phil's), is Ano Silver....


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The complete bike is Anodized Slate (grey)
The picture at top is Anodized Black, you can see that because the logo's are laser etched

I'm 6"2 and own a large, but only one ride old so no review yet :)
Cheers guys, looks like a large ano Slate is on the cards

thanks again
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