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First off...Merry X mas everyone...
I need help removing the bearings from my VP Free.
I have a new Pro pac ready to install...and the bearing removal tool, but can't seem to get the tool to work.

I need help lining the tools components up in the correct order for bearing removal.

I checked the SC website and saw some decent specs, but the visual is not the best and when I tighten the allen bolt, everything just spins. Nothing catches the bearing.

Here is the tool, and the direction I've tried.

Any help is appreciated..........


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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but you say everything just spins when you tighten the allen are you holding the nut with a wrench??

It looks to me from your pic the piece you have labeled "spacer" is the removal bushing, the other bushing you show is not used for removal.

Here's SC basic bearing removal instructions...

Remove the Upper Link Bearings
a) Get your removal tool out- that is the more compact of the two tools. Place the
flat side of the removal cup against the outside of the upper link bearing. Slide
the bolt through so that the head of the bolt is outside the frame. Inside the frame,
place the small removal bushing against the bearing, and then the nut. Center the
removal bushing on the bearing.
b) Using your 5/16” allen and 11/16” wrench, tighten against each other until the
bearing is removed. . You will probably hear a snap when the bearing breaks
loose. No worries, that is just the loctite seal being broken.
c) Repeat for the other side

Remove Seatstay End Bearings
a) Align the tool in a similar manner as in step 6. This time, place the c-shaped
“centering tool” between the swingarm and the removal cup. This tool is flat,
about a square inch in size. This will protect the paint. Make sure the centering
tool is only contacting the flat portion of the seatstay end.
b) Tighten the bolt and nut against each other until the bearing comes out.
c) Repeat for other side.

Remove the Lower Link Bearings
a) Flip the removal cup around, so that the bolt head is on the flat side. Place the
tool on the lower link bearing of either the front triangle or the swingarm. The
Removal cup should have the raised ridge facing the frame. The cutout portion of
the ridge should be aligned to avoid the weld on the swingarm.
b) Use the small removal bushing on the inside of the frame, and install the nut.
c) Make sure that the bushing is centered on the bearing, and tighten the nut until the
bearing comes out.
d) Repeat for all 4 lower bearings.
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