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I’m setting up a couple of Fox 36 EVOL forks with Luftkappe. One on a ’19 Juliana Roubion with a 138 lb rider, the other on a ’21 Stumpjumper EVO with a 178lb rider. Very different setups so far and neither is dialed. As I’m digging through a few threads here discussing experiences with the Luftkappe and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about setup. Something smilingly as straightforward as air pressure. Some folks run the same, some less, and some more.

I was thinking it would be cool to have a reference thread that makes it easy to find various setups. So, I’ll kick it off and see if it gets any traction. Pun intended! 😜

How about something like?…

Fork - Brand, model, and year

Air pressure
Positive volume spacers

Whatcha got??
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