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Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you all know about my new job. I'm now working for Volunteers for Outdoor California as the Projects Director. I'm really, really psyched. I get to put together humongatoid trailwork projects and get paid for it. Wooo Hoo! :cool: :D :thumbsup:

VOCal's projects are major undertakings, usually with 100 to 300 (sometimes up to 500) volunteers. We can build 1 to 3 miles of trail in a weekend. We provide crew leader training, as well as leadership roles to help plan and manage the project, inclucing feeding the volunteers. You can check out the website at

I'll send out more details as our schedule gets prepared for 2007, but if you are interested in being a crew leader (you need to have trail work experience already), please contact me.

Cheers, Patty
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