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I sent this out to the Director of Parks & rec here in Oxford, I am giving a fishing course for them in May. Here is the letter and her reply:

On a separate note, I am a member of New England Mountain Bike association, and have entertained the idea Similar to this of a bike rodeo, or introductory course to mountain biking(or bicycling in general).
Same type Of idea, with basic riding skills, fixing a flat tire, sizing the right bike for you, etc... with a trip to a local trail such As waldo park in southbury, or the Larkin Bridal trail. Again, club members will instruct, maybe a nominal fee To cover coffee/donuts, maybe small cookout for practice day. Many single parent families have a hard time Finding the time/place to introduce their children into bicycling. Its sad to see a 13yr old kid that cannot ride.
Let me know if this is a possibility, my club would love to do something like this, possibly yearly.
Thanks again

Reply: I like the idea - but I think I'm tapped out for this season. I am scrambling to get all that I have onto the website, into the brochure, flyers out, etc etc etc. So - even though I like the idea, I will pass for now. Maybe in the fall?

Let me know if there is any interest in this, maybe I will guide a ride for the volunteers real local. thanks
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