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Voltage FR IDS vs Ransom IDS

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Happy New Year everyone :)

I was just checking out the posts here on the Scott Voltage FR... nice bike!

Just wondering if anyone knows if the Voltage -10 - +10 Interchangeable dropouts will fit on the Scott Ransoms?

The idea of experimenting with longer and shorter chainstays on my Ransom sounds interesting!

The Ransom rides wonderfully as it is, so I'm well aware that it would be fiddling for the sake of fiddling... ;)
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The IDS dropouts are compatible on the Gambler, Voltage, Voltage fr and Ransom. The +10mm dropouts work and I haven't tried the -10mm ones on a Ransom. I think they will work but tire clearance will be tight. I have some short dropouts on my Voltage and that gives a 375mm chainstay length with gears and a chain guide. It is pretty fun set up like that.

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Thanks for verifying. :thumbsup:

I think I'll check out how much clearance I have with the standard dropouts... and maybe post the results in case anyone considers the same thing in the future.

Any idea where/when the dropouts are available for purchase?

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