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The Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers are once again putting on 3 winter mountain bike races and 1 summer race for your riding and racing pleasure in the Valley in 2009.

New this year: Touring division of our Moose Drewl was so popular, we've added that to all our xc races. :) We've got a website that will have the latest info, maps, past results and pictures as available. And we're planning a VMBaH cup series competition (details coming).

Our race home site is and links to details (including directions to start) for individual races are below. If there's something you'd like to see on the race pages, let us know and we'll try to deliver. The web site is the official source of information so it's in one place this year. Additional information should be forthcoming. Contact addresses for information are on those web sites.

Race dates are:
Jan 10 Sat - Moose Slide Slalom (formally: Moose Slide Snow Slalom Mountain Bike Downhill Race)
(ya gotta be able to say it 10 times real fast ;) )
Hatcher Pass, slalom around bamboo poles
Lots of fun for competitors and entertaining for spectators :D
Part of MSB Winter Trails Day, free, lots of other activities for the family
Registration 11:30am, race noon

Feb 8 Sat - VaMoose 25 - Willow Winter Carnival, lots of other activities for the family
25 mi xc race, tuneup for Susitna and Ultrasport races
Willow Community Center
Registration: 10am Race start: 11am
Fee: $20

Mar 8 Sun Moose Drewl - Moose Range frozen swamps off Wendt Road
Registration: 2pm Race start: 3pm
Fee $20 for advanced; $10 for touring

Summer - Mooseberry Stampede will be back - Crevasse-Moraine - Farm - Kepler-Bradley (date and format to be decided)
We're trying to move the date to sometime with fewer conflicts than early August. Dates that seem to pop up the most are mid-June (maybe around weekends of 13-14, 20-21, 27-28; maybe in conjunction with Palmer Colony Days 13-14) or late August (Aug 22-23 or 29-30, which is 1st weekend of State Fair). Provide feedback to us via e-mail, or on Discussions (see menu at right on race's webpage) or CMT is typically closed for breakup through end of May and usually not dry enough for racing until mid June. Mid to late June seems to have fewer things going on.

We will likely have a couple divisions - 2 laps, 1 lap, touring - of the same basic course as last year with some tweaking for the start / finish so the 2-lap folks can keep going around a loop.

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