Vittoria Tires is launching a new version of its flat-preventing Air-Liner tire insert designed specifically for gravel bikes. The new Vittoria Air-Liner Gravel is intended to prevent pinch flats and cracked carbon rims when tackling rocky roads and singletrack on drop-bar bikes.

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Vittoria Air-Liner Gravel Highlights

  • Foam insert protects tubeless tires and rims from impacts
  • Designed for 31-40mm-wide tires
  • Comes sized for 700c rims, can be cut down for 650b and smaller wheels
  • Optimized for internal widths up to 25mm
  • Allows for lower tire pressures
  • Price: $29.99 per wheel / $59.98 per pair

Why Run Tire Liners?

Tire inserts have become a common upgrade for mountain bikers, especially with enduro racers and bike park riders looking to prevent pinch flats. Gravel is a new frontier for tire inserts. As the sport evolves, some gravel events make the case for an added level of protection against flats and rim failures.

Gravel events like Grinduro make the case for an added level of tire and rim protection. Photo by Colin Meagher

Gravel events like Grinduro make the case for an added level of tire and rim protection. Photo by Colin Meagher​

It's not for every rider or every course, but there are times when I would have benefited from an additional layer of flat prevention-Grinduro's singletrack stages, for instance.

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Vittoria Air-Liner Gravel

Vittoria Air-Liner Gravel tire inserts are designed to prevent flats and improve ride quality.​

In addition to rim protection and flat prevention, tire inserts have other benefits, such as the ability to safely run lower tire pressures, especially for heavier riders; improved ride quality, thanks to the ability of the tire inserts to dampen high-speed vibrations; and improved tire support while cornering as a result of the insert reinforcing the tire casing.

Vittoria's gravel tire inserts are designed for 31-40mm tires, so they're suitable for cyclocross as well as gravel. The foam inserts are sized for 700c rims, but can easily be cut down for use inside 650b tires. The claimed weight for each insert is 50g.

The Air-Liner Gravel inserts are available now for $29.99 per wheel / $59.98 per pair.

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