Editor's Note: This article is part of the Vittoria How-To Series and is courtesy Vittoria.

Bunny hopping is among the most important skills a mountain biker can have in their skills arsenal. Master the art of popping your bike up in the air and you can go over, not around, trail obstacles, which will mean a smoother - and faster - ride. It's also a great emergency maneuver when you come upon that unexpected rock or tree in the trail. In this episode of the Vittoria How-To Series, downhill pro Rachel Throop of GT Factory Racing walks us through the keys to executing a perfect bunny hop. Watch and learn.

Here's a recap of what you just saw.
  1. Start by lifting your front wheel off the ground
  2. Unweight your back wheel
  3. Jump upwards and push forward on your handlebars
  4. Pop your rear wheel off the ground

First practice lifting your front wheel off the ground.

Practice lifting your front wheel off the ground.​

To practice this technique, start by popping your front wheel off the ground a few times. Once you are comfortable with that, switch to the back wheel and practice lifting it off the ground. Now put it all together: pick up the front, push forward on the bars, and then follow through with the rear wheel. A great way to practice is to pour some water across the trail to create a line, then bunny hop over that line. You'll know you are doing it right if there are no tire tracks across your line.