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Having completed this a little over 2 weeks ago, I was anxious to get back on the bike and ride after 2 weeks of not riding. Two races this week provided a great excuse to get out and try and ride 300 miles.

Solo century and then a 200-mile bikepacking was the plan, first in a Flagstaff to Sedona Loop and then in the Kaibab Monstercross.

The Flagstaff to Sedona Loop provided the perfect backdrop for a slow ride.

Plenty of climbing was involved in the route

and more climbing

I rode some singletrack in Sedona before climbing up ~3k up Schnebly for some more killer views

The next trip was a bikepacking trip after a brief rest day. The trip had 200 miles with 35k of climbing on the Kaibab Plateau. Bags packed, sleeping gear attached to bike, Dave K and I set off on the Arizona Trail.

The route had some sweet Arizona Trail singletrack from the offset

The Vermillion Cliffs and Paria Canyon in the background, this picture is near the AZ-UT stateline.

Dave K riding some of the AZT singletrack; he went without sleeping and finished the route in 41 hours. Amazing.

I ended up bailing before completing the entire route, but not before completing some of the best sections the next day with some good friends, Dave and Mike.

Rest to ride ratio was about 1:1. The major problem was Mr. Big Wheels brought down tons of homemade ice cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I have heard rumors that he is going to start making ice cream and building wheels. Good plan, Mike. Thanks again for the ice cream, it seems to be a common theme in my riding during the past month...bikes and ice cream I mean.

Mike and Dave resting at the East Rim Mesa.

Rainbow Rim provided plenty of views and more resting, along with another singletrack ride from Mike and Dave. I sat that one out in favor of rest.

Look closely to see the mountain biker in this one

Great ride with some good friends. Dave C from Montana came down to ride.

We finished the leisurely 22-mile ride and headed back to camp to welcome the racers from the Kaibab Monstercross 130.

This place needs an enema
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Nice C-licious. Your pics are getting really good.

Enjoy the trip down south--are you already practiced up on the correct pronunciation and enunciation of 'más helado, por favor'?


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dude that is insane. a 20 mile ride for me is really big. I cant even imagine. that picture of the desert sunrise is my new background. great pics
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