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Vista Trail Lake Oauchita

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A few pics from a few days on the Vista Trail. It has something for everyone, from newbs to experts.

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Flyn G
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how are you liking your on one? you have the scandium, correct? whats the weight?
Love'n the Scandal!! Still tweaking the final fit. I asked for a Thomson 90 x 0 stem for Father's day. But I also managed to snap my seat post off this last ride too. It just snapped. But I took a good tumble on the Womble a couple of weeks ago and that may have cracked it. So I may opt for replacing the seat post instead.

The bike rides great and with my current 2 x 9 build it weighed 22.2 on the bike shop scales. It is a joy to run through the trees on a flowy trail. It just needs a bigger motor to keep up with the big dogs. :thumbsup:

Flyn G
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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