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Visiting NE PA for a LONG vacation.......what bike to bring

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So I will be living in Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre) for 365 days and am space limited so I can't take the normal stable of bikes......that being said what type of terrain/riding is there? Should I bring my 6" All mountain bike or bring my 29er hardtail bike? I've been looking online and there looks like there might be some fun all mountain riding at Moon Lake, but if there's only one trail to ride then am I may be better off with my 29er.

So this is my dilemma.

Please help, I need to decide within the next few days in order to pack.

Thanks in advance for the input.
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Hello and welcome...

The 29er will work best!

Ck our website for all info and shoot me an email when ya get here if you need anything like bike shop, or trails info. All links are in the sig line below!


mOOn has 20 plus miles
Frances Slocum SP 5.5
Seven Tubs Park 6.6

Once ya get here I'll hook ya up with lot's more!
See ya soon!:thumbsup:
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You could go either way and be fine. I ride a 29er hardtail in SE PA but many people ride the same trails on long travel bikes. That said you will likely get more use out of the 29er.
I think you could go either way, I would lean towards the 29er, but to answer your first question - there's hundreds of miles of singletrack within an hour of Wilkes-Barre and generally most trail systems are tight, technical and littered with rocks.
29er hardtail- Ive sold all my other bikes and have no complaints riding the local terrain.
Before giving you an answer, give us some info.

Where are you from?
What type of riding are you used to? Flat, fast, climbs, tech?
Are you willing to travel an hour to ride?
What type of riding are you looking for?

Leave your bike and bring an UMBRELLA! :madman: This weather is getting old! Sorry for the HJ.
Well I would have to say both but since space is limited ceiling hooks work good. Anyways, up were your ganna be is going to be rocky! They dont call pa rocksylvania for nothing. If I were you I'd probobly bring the all mountain 6" travel. If you want to ride one day I'm located in Reading Pa we have some awsome trails over here. Later
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