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Visiting N. Georgia...

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... In Athens for a few days then Lake Burton later part of the week. Any good riding within 30 min or either? Have access to a bike but no clue where to go. Thanks.
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Fort Yargo is located in Winder, which is not too far outside of Athens heading towards Atlanta...around a 12 mile loop and trail is very well maintained. Great ride.

Oconee Heritage Park is off hwy 441 about 10 or 15 minutes south of Athens...4 miles from my house and is my weekly ride. Great park with lots of technical climbs and switchbacks. Loops can be a little tricky to navigate for the first time. About 6 mile loop if you take the outside loops and expert trails. Can be cut into shorter chunks.

Been to Lake burton years ago, before I started I dont know much about the area. But there are bound to be some trails.

Thanks for the info. I will probably head out to the one in Oconee tomorrow.
iamtylerdurden said:
Oconee Heritage Park is ... About 6 mile loop if you take the outside loops and expert trails. Can be cut into shorter chunks.
I don't have a bike computer, but I think it's way more than 6 miles, if you hit all the trails.
there is a couple of us going to Ft. Yargo Friday. we will be there at 9am if you want to join us
we will be in parking lot B look for the white ford excursion

It was fun...

You guys have some good trails. I rode about 10 miles in the Oconee Heritage park (per my GPS, which I am glad I had along). I am not sure which trails I did but it was really good riding, especially the twisty switchbacks in some sections (although a few more signs would be good!). PC thanks for the invite, but I was in Lake Burton the day you rode. (I did White Twister and Stonewall Falls while up there --also good trails but not as good as the oconee park IMHO). Thanks for the tips. Back to riding in the idaho foothills now....
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