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Visiting in September.....

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I'm headed out for a conference in Denver next month. I'll be free for a couple of days to ride something not too far out of town on Thursday 9/9 and Sunday 9/12. Staying at the Hyatt Regency downtown, but will have a rental car. Looking for suggestions for a good shop to rent a bike and advice on some trails to hit up. On Thursday I have a meeting at 5PM, so probably won't have time for more than a 2-3 hour ride. On Sunday I have no other obligations (other than my wife will be pissed if I don't go somewhere where she can do some sightseeing, shopping, etc.). Or at least drop me off and come back in a few hours.

After checking online it looks like there are plenty of places to ride within an hour of downtown. I like riding technical xc, skinnies, stunts and drops up to 3-4 feet max. I ride 3-5 days a week and am in reasonably good shape for an old fart (47yo). Checking trails online I really liked stuff like the ridge ride on Dakota Ridge (singletrack with lots of rocks). Don't mind climbing, but I'm sure the elevation will be a factor. Don't have a problem riding the 3-5K elevations in Pisgah here in NC, but I'm sure anything over 7K will probably put a hurting on me. Particularly on the Thursday since I'm arriving Wednesday afternoon. And I'm used to climbing, crawling and pushing for 2-3 hours just to bomb downhill for 30 minutes.

Soooo...any advice? And if anybody is wanting to show me their favorite trails, that's even better.
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hmmmm....i would just go for the good stuff on thursday as you have plenty of time to recover by sunday....Dakota ridge and mathews/winters are great but short, hour and a half max to cover all of it...maybe check out white ranch on thursday and on sunday i would consider a ride in the mountains somewhere....maybe winter park (can go for as long as you want), breckenridge (swan valley section of the colorado trail is nice)...buffalo creek is fun. but not technical (about 50 minutes from denver).
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