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visiting Gettysburg

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Hi all,

I'm going to be visiting the area for the weekend. My wife has a baby shower to go to and I need to kill some time in the afternoon on Saturday. Thinking about brining my bike to ride... What's close by? Are there any group rides Saturday afternoons?
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Michaux is pretty close to G'burg. However, trails aren't marked that well. These guys normally have a group ride:

The guys at the shop in town are also very helpful:
Tons of great road riding around G'burg. The mountain biking is all 30 minutes west of town in Michaux State Park. I'll be out of town Saturday, otherwise I'd be happy to show you around. How would you rate your skill level and fitness?

MBM does a 3-4 hour ride on Sunday mornings. Watch the blog posted above for ride start locations.
I think my skill level is on the intermediate side (been riding for about 3 years now) and my fitness is decent as i've been doing Xterra Triathlons (2 so far) this year. I guess I'll have to pass and find something to do but I would like to get to some new trails to work on some technical skills and hill training... Middle Run and White Clay don't provide huge hills or many natural technical sections...

Thanks for the info!
There are also some trail maps at the Caledonia State Park office on Rt. 30. If your only available time is Saturday afternoon, check out some of the trails south of Rt. 30. Click the link for a GPS track of my favorite week-night loop. It should take you 1 - 1.5 hours to complete and is a grassy doubletrack and jeep road climb followed by some fun rocky singletrack that won't punish you too badly.
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