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We'll be visiting Aurora and were hoping that trails were still ridable at this time of year, though I have my doubts. Are there trails nearby-within an hours ride? Thanks for your help.

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Oh hell yes

I live a couple hours south of Aurora so I can't address the local trail situation specifically, but here's all you need to ride happily in Oregon year 'round:
  • disc brakes
  • fenders
  • grips that won't roll when they get water soaked
  • mud tires (REAL knobbies)
  • Lake or Sidi Storm winter boots
  • insulated tights
  • wool socks
  • winter gloves
  • Gore-tex jacket
  • headband
  • love the rain, love the mud, love the cold, love endless gray skies & general darkness puncuated only by brief periods of daylight
  • a willingness to do plenty of bike maintenance & component replacement
  • a rigid singlespeed works best because there's less to go wrong/maintain
Simply do the above and *poof* you'll be all set to love riding in Oregon. Welcome to the damp corner of the map.


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Missing 1 thing

Sparty, your list is very good. For me there is one more thing to add and it may be the most important. In the winter I need friends to ride with. That way I have a commitment and that makes it easier to get my fat ass out the door and use all of those things that are on your list. When it is cold and wet, I can and have canceled a solo ride for the smallest of reasons. ie. I could not find the one rain jacket I was looking for. (I have 4or5)

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