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Visiting ABQ over Thanksgiving weekend. Need suggestions

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From research Ive written down Tunnel Canyon, Otero Canyon, Pine Flats, Bird House, Gambles Oak and Mahogany Trail, and Faulty Trail 295 to So Crest.

Which trails are safer for a lone rider who's never ridden in Abq? Meaning other riders, not easy trails; I dont want to be too isolated.

Also, Im riding an eFat Bike, (no throttle) are there resrictions on any of the trails?

If I can join a ride Thurs thru Sunday somewhere please let me know. Thanks!

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Most of what you have written down are open to even motos so you should be good.
Also, Im riding an eFat Bike, (no throttle) are there resrictions on any of the trails?
Here's a good map of Tijeras area:

As bronxbomber25 mentioned, most of the Tijeras trails are fine for motorcycles so you should be ok on east side of the road, but not 100% sure about Tunnel and Otero). However, you didn't mention your skill level, nor fitness level. How many miles and how much climbing can you do? eBike doesn't grant superpowers lol. And you said "safe" so makes me wonder. There's some steep stuff out there, lots of rock gardens, so even if eFat it might be too much. Faulty and Bird House I would pass on. If you are beginner/intermediate, parking at Oak Flats and doing Mohogany out and back is one option, as is the Ponderosa loop, neither one is particularly technical. Gamble Oak is a fun one to me, has good flow, but gets rock gardeny in spots. Parking at Pine Flats and going up Deadman to the steep section and back is good if you don't want a long ride. If you are in shape and can handle technical, go all the way up on Deadman (take right side just off the dirt road, might be called Deadman Alternate), then up on Oak Flat Connector then head south on Easy Pickin' over to Mohogany and then back down Gamble Oak. You might have to hike-a-bike a few spots. One of my favorite trails is Pine Flats-Deadman-Southern Crossing out and back, mix of technical rock gardens and flow, but I'm a solid intermediate rider who is used to rock gardens.

If you are in Albuquerque proper, you'd have to research the rules for Albuquerque Open Space but the trails in the Sandia Foothills from the Spain trailhead and from Indian School trailhead are all good ones. I don't ever see rangers so as long as you're not a jerk on the trail or running people off it you should be fine. If you are in Rio Rancho there is a fat biking trail system, can't remember the name. Placitas on the north end of town is probably a good eFat trail system, park at the 2nd parking exit up the hill and head off to the east then circle back to the south, then take Bobsled, it has some small jumplines if you like that. They're small enough you don't have to jump them, but you can. Hardly any trails around here have jumps.
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For Fat Bike trails, Mariposa Trail system in Rio Rancho. Tons of trails for just fat bikes.

Placitas does not allow e-bikes. Was there a few days ago and I happened to stop for a second at the upper parking lot and the sign at the trail entrance stated no e-bikes.

But check on youtube, look up New Mexico Outside - they have a bunch of video on the Mariposa trail system and you can find maps of the system on the web as well.
Thanks guys, the Tieras area trails look great and are not that far from my daughters house.

Im a good intermediate rider but Im 62 so I walk down the steep stuff now. By "safe" riding I mean riding with other people around so I dont get stuck out there by myself.

This area sounds like it'll be plenty busy on Thankgiving weekend, am I correct?

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There will be people out there, but I don’t know if it would “busy”. You’ll find some solitude most of the time, but should come across people.

I don’t expect any weather over the next few weeks, but if we happen to get snow, it could be muddy. but enjoy your trip here!
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