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Visited a Bike Shop on Father's Day

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and no - I didn't buy a new bike.........but I looked at quite a few. I wish I had a 650b wheel with me to test rear clearance, but my best guess is the following:

1. Hecklers - yep - definitely (but we already knew that)
2. Kona Coil-Airs - looks like it'd work (again this may be a given)
3. I think it would fit inside the chainstays on a Transition Bottlerocket - the issue with that frame I think would be rear tire to seat tube issues - but there was gobs of room in the chanistays with a 26" wheel paired up with a big meaty 2.4" Maxxis tire in back. This would be a cool little Mini-DH type of frame to see if a 650b would fit and work in back.

Anyone else do any recent testing/eyeballing at their local bike shop to see what else might work - or better yet - does work?????
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As a BR owner, I can confirm that there's quite a bit of room between a 26" tire and the seat tube at bottom out. As to whether a 650 would fit, no idea. Though to me, pretty much the best thing about the BR is how low it is, and bigger wheels would detract from that.

Since it specs a 7 7/8 by 2 1/4 shock, you could always put a 7 7/8 by 2 on to get some extra clearance if needed.
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