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Vintage Shimano XT cantilevers.

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Trying to put these back on my old Stumpjumper, and a bit confused as to how the opieces should fit together. Mine are 734 brakes, and the only manual I can find online are for 732 model, and I'm not sue if mine go together the same way.

my issues are with the plastic cap that sits between the post and the cantilever body, that the spring sits into. According to the manual, there are two positions marked on it, a 'normal' and an 'SLR' position, and you mount the spring accordingly. According to the manual for the 732, there's a round protrusion on the brake body that the pointy bit of this cap rests against in the normal position. But on my 734 break, that tab is on the opposite side, and so I'm having issues getting the SLR marking to line up with the arrow on the brake body, like its supposed to.

Do I just pull this cap around, adding tension on the spring, till the arrows line up, and then tighten it down, locking it in place?
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Ahh, think I got it. Just a matter of using the right spring with the right cap for each side.

I gotta take it to my shop to have him remove an old, and install a new, crown race and press in the headset cups, so I'll have him check it over when I'm there.
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