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Last night I shot video of Aukmal's first night run down The Luge.

The video is one continuous shot from the flag pole to the chainlink fence.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays,



The Luge (Please right click and select Save Target As...)
Duration = 5:17
File size = 50.2 MB

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Much better quality than the last one. I wish I had more places to night ride. It's very interesting to pay attention to where your head mounted light shines vs. the handlebar mounted light, especially on turns. BTW, I discovered the WMPlayer on my laptop, used just for teaching, cropped our 16:9 videos to 4:3. However, after re-installing Windows for another reason, they now display properly. Interesting.

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Dude! A+!! That was much better than the original! I've saved the new version to get my bro's worked up for night cruise. Thanks for the motivation and Merry Christmas to all! (I'm so tired of hearing "Happy Holidays"....blech)
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