In the past few months, a few friends have been sending videos and photos of their new bikes while hauling their kids to school. And coincidentally, all were on e-assisted cargo bikes with room for passengers and bags. "Very cool, but not for me" was my thought as my kids are taller than me now. But in every one of those photos, the kids, (and the parents) had the biggest smile on their faces.

So when Specialized offered to let me preview their cargo bike, I accepted. "There's a groundswell here," I thought. It's going to hit home with avid cyclists and it has relevance to many more folks in the world.

The bike is the Specialized Globe Haul ST and it is a 'short tail' e-cargo bike selling for $2700. What makes it unique is it is a ground-up project with a massive design and engineering effort behind it. It is a platform or 'canvas' powered by a hub motor and 770wh battery that can carry up to 419 lbs. And it's rolling on small 20-inch wheels and 3.5-inch tires. Fenders, a rear rack, and lights are some of the features of this one-size-fits-most bike that comes in two colors.

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Here is the base model of the bike for $2700 without any option parts

What makes it really compelling aside from the price, looks, and package is it is compatible with an ecosystem of parts and accessories from Specialized that will transform this vehicle into a custom utility machine. It also uses industry-standard rack attachments that make it compatible with many luggage options available in the market.

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Hauling a 30-lb rock crawler to the top of a hill with good crawling terrain

And finally, it is a bike first as it has been engineered to ride well in any most conditions your bike adventures might take you. It handles very well with the rider only. And with 200 lbs of cargo, it is still stable at corners and at 25+ mph. The 20-inch wheels were chosen for space efficiency and low center of gravity, perhaps like the classic Mini Cooper. But the wheels really pay off when it comes to handling and semi-agility.

On the downside, it does have a hub motor that is a bit noisy and doesn't have the low-speed torque of the mid-drive motor. But the small wheels help out with leverage and a bottom bracket-mounted torque sensor allows it to deliver smooth assist. Also, the one-size-fits-most sizing of the bike makes it a bit harder to fit with the seat position back farther from the ideal pedaling position.

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But check the video and explore this new bike with us. We believe it will fit many biking goals and we hope Specialized will make more Globe cargo bikes. I think a cargo bike may be for me after all and my kids and I will be fighting over this one which will be added to the household vehicle rotation.

MSRP: $2700
Details here: Globe Haul ST |
Accessories here: Cargo Bike Accessories |

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Computer is included. Throttle is optional for this Class 3 ebike