If you have the need for a side swing hitch rack mount, the Saris Swing Away for $330 provides a robust and safe solution. Though not needed for every rack application, folks that need frequent and unobstructed access to their hatch, tailgate or van doors can benefit from the Saris Swing Away.

The most ideal application is for an adventure vehicle where a hitch rack is needed but the access to the rear of the vehicle is needed for all the camping, storage, utility, repair activities.

Often the problem is stability of the rack as most solutions can't carry enough weight or are unstable and wobbly on rough roads. The Saris Swing Away addresses that with a sturdy solution that can carry up to two 60 lb. bikes when paired with their MTR rack.


Product Features
  • Turns your favorite Saris hitch rack into a swing away.
  • Pivots 90° and locks in the open position.
  • Carries up to 250 lb. of rack + bike weight.
  • For use with 2” receivers only.
  • The Hitch Tightener system securely locks the hitch into place, securing the base to your vehicle.
  • Two integrated carrying handles.
  • Compatible with bikes up to 60 lb. per bike tray with the Saris MTR racks


  • robust solution with sturdy steel construction
  • lots of safety locking mechanisms to keep the rack in place in rugged conditions
  • Two 60 lb. bike capacity when paired with the Saris MTR. Can carry more bikes if lighter.
  • Big main lever for easy and secure locking
  • Sturdy even on bumps and rough roads
  • Sticks out from the rear of the vehicle even when that much clearance is not needed
  • the redundant safety locks can sometimes get in the way

Bottom Line:
It's a good, robust solution that should withstand one's grueling adventures in rough dirt roads or harsh speed bumps and freeway dividers.

Price: $330
Saris Swingaway - https://alnk.to/dLb5AgT
Saris MTR 2 - https://alnk.to/aWwXTcu
Bike Racks at Competitive Cyclist - https://alnk.to/9bno54n