We've been using the Saris SuperClamp 2 for a few weeks now and are pretty impressed with it. Instead of building the beefiest rack that expands, folds, tilts or includes a work stand, they chose to design a light but sturdy rack for the job. The SuperClamp 2 is thus lighter, more compact and less costly than the competition. It's not for the user that requires the fold up and tilt features of some racks. But check the video and see if it's right for you.

Saris SuperClamp 2 Description:
  • Carries 2 bikes (60 lbs/bike).
  • Preassembled.
  • Fits all bikes.
  • No frame contact design.
  • Adjustable, locking arms.
  • Rack-integrated locking cable.
  • Includes a locking hitch pin.
  • Universal fit: works with both 1 ¼" and 2" hitches.
  • Ratcheting arms pivot on case hardened brackets.
  • Lightweight at 30 lbs.

We did a little Q&A session with Marketing Manager, Tim Staton:

Mtbr: What is the retail price? What is the weight?
Tim Staton: MSRP for 2 bike is $389.99 and weight is 30lbs (that's roughly ½ of Yak or Thule options)

Mtbr: It does not fold so it can get in the way of pedestrians or hit by cars in the parking lot if it's not seen. Is this a conscious trade-off you made? Do you have a rack that folds up in the range?
Tim Staton: Correct, it does not fold. That was a conscious decision on our part at this time.
  1. No fold = lighter, easier for user to assemble, and reduces cost
  2. The SuperClamp sits about 26" or so from the hitch. A Thule T2 or Yakima HoldUp sits about 15-16" from the hitch when folded. So we do "stick out" a bit more, but not excessively.
  3. Big difference in length will be seen when loaded up. SuperClamp is still 26" (+hbar width) from car while Thule and Yak products are around 2x that (+hbar width).
Saris Engineering Offices

Mtbr: Are the wheel straps necessary for a mountain bike?
Tim Staton: Wheel straps are not required for bikes where you can grab the wheel with the hook. They are included for those combos (29'er and 20" for example) where getting a good grab on a small wheel would be hard to do.

Mtbr: Seem like the rack is legal when no bike is mounted since it does not obstruct the license plate. Is this a selling point?
Tim Staton: We have not pushed that benefit of a clean view to lights/license plate as a benefit. You are correct in asserting that it is. Most jurisdictions don't enforce the unobscured rule (not that we are aware of at least), so it may only be a big selling point where the local Police are enforcing. This will be a big benefit for us in Europe.

Saris Workers in Madison Wisconsin

Mtbr: Is this a Superclamp 1 or 2? What are the differences?
Tim Staton: You have the Freedom SuperClamp 2 bike. We also make it in a 4 bike model called the Freedom SuperClamp 4 bike. Biggest differences from 2 bike to 4 bike are 2x the capacity, 2" hitch only, tilt down/fold up for hatch access/storage, and bike weight capacity of 60lbs per bike inner tray and 35lbs per bike outer tray (SuperClamp 2 bike is 60lbs per bike). Weight capacity is really only lowered on the outside trays b/c cars can't handle that kind of load. The rack can more than handle it.

For more information visit www.saris.com.