Updated May 5, 2021
Now that we've seen this mind-blowing edit, take a peek behind the scenes and see the planning and building that occurred to make this dream ride possible. There are crashes for sure as Kriss dances with the limits of physics and human abilities but it's a great peek into the edge of riding.

Take note too of the moisture and the slippery conditions.

We've often wondered what a world-class bmx rider can do out on the trail. While different disciplines, we've seen quite a few translate the skills, honed in daily since childhood into creative displays in the forest. Kriss Kyle's “Out of Season” is a time when one pauses whatever they are doing to take a break, recover & chill a bit, but some never stop. They switch it up, letting their creativity run even wilder than usual, aiming for the unexpected.

Being one of those people,@Kriss Kyle decided to leave his BMX in Unit 23, packed his enduro rig and traveled to Wales, where he teamed up with Matty Lambert and the dig crew from Revolution Bike Park to create one epic video! Together they have turned a tiny bit of Welsh forest into an MTB paradise that's so creative, even @Danny MacAskill couldn't resist paying a visit.


Who is Kriss Kyle?
Scottish BMX ripper Kriss Kyle is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and innovative comp and video part riders on the scene today.

Kriss has been on a BMX since the age of 10, ripping around his family hometown of Stranraer, Scotland. It's always been his dream to become a pro BMX athlete.


His first major competition win came at The Transgression Skatepark Jam in 2008 and soon after, Kriss became a resident at Unit 23, one of the largest skate and BMX indoor parks in the UK.

The opportunity for him to own the park – and all the lines in it – has seen a huge and rapid increase in his riding ability. Kriss is, without doubt, one of the most exciting riders in the world, and his profile as one of the most energetic and electrifying park riders globally has earned him some significant air time.


In 2012, he made his mark competing in the prestigious Simple Session event in Estonia, as well as grinding it with many top riders at Red Bull Skylines in Paris, and has since gone on to earn spots competing in X Games events around the world.

His video edits have received rave reviews, too, notably his 2019 drop in to Dubai, his Kaleidoscope film, and The Land of Everyday Wonder.