This is a strange one that almost doesn't seem real. A black bear gives chase to a mountain biker on a downhill trail in Whitefish, Montana. The chase seems unprovoked and the bear goes into a full sprint!

We've seen a lot of fake ones before from the photoshop and video editing wizards. But this, by all accounts seems true. The crazy part is the bear goes into full pursuit mode and is seen taking the shortcuts (aka 'french lines') to cut off the rider and catch up to the rider. This requires knowledge of where the rider is going and it seems to be a technique when chasing down prey like deer. Our best guess is the bear must have mistaken the rider for a deer and triggered a chase instinct for a meal.

The back story is this was just posted by Montana Knife Company on their Instagram page and they're advocating carrying a knife when in the wilderness, for protection.

Reportedly, this incident happened last year and was captured by a drone that may have been recording the bear. The rider in the video was unharmed. At the start of the video, there is another rider that stopped as he saw the incident unfold.


Another rider is seen coming down the trail behind the bear