Leatt is a fascinating company that focuses on a mountain bike and motorcycle protective gear. Instead of focusing on style or bulky gear, Leatt focuses on science and ergonomics. They differentiate themselves from other companies as they've created a solid foundation in design and testing. They then utilize the most advanced materials to achieve their desired result of fit, function, and protection. Discover more about this unique South Africa-based company through this new video series.
Global protective gear and apparel company, Leatt has launched a NEW Heritage Video Series, to tell the story behind how Leatt started and how it got to be where they are today, as a head-to-toe brand.

Episode 1: The Origins Story

“It dawned on me that I can't allow my son to ride and expose himself to this sort of risk. I couldn't believe that there wasn't a product. That's when I started working on the whole project to develop the neck brace.”Dr. Chris Leatt

The story of how and why Leatt came to be what it is today, is an emotional and inspiring one to say the very least. What exactly happened to create this passionate drive within Dr. Leatt to design a protective neck brace? More will be revealed in Episode 1. Episode 2 will explore how the neck brace model has evolved over the years. Coming [DATE]. This Series is comprised of 4 Episodes, so if you are interested in watching them, simply follow Leatt’s social media pages.


We witness a moving and inspirational story of how and why Leatt came to be in In Episode 1. However, the problem-solving continues in episode 2 as it explores how the neck brace model has evolved and advanced over the years.

“So, I’ve got no qualms with taking a product off the market or just terminating its design and iterative process – if we believe that, that product is not safe and you wouldn’t put it on your child” - Dr Chris Leatt

Coming March 15th, 2021, Episode 3 will focus on Leatt’s Body Protection Range. The Heritage Video Series has 4 Episodes releasing shortly.


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