The video below will shows just how strong the Minnaarbar is.

Video: This impact test illustrates the strength of the new signature edition ENVE DH Minnaarbar. Impact is totally rigid with 16lb. weights affixed to both ends of the bar. Minnaarbar is 808mm wide, 245 grams, and was the same bar Greg Minnaar rode to his second World Championship victory.

Impressive huh? But what does it mean? How does the Minnaarbar compare to others and how do those impacts translate to trail riding? We caught up with Jake Pantone of ENVE for some insight.

Mtbr: What is this test and how does it translate to the trail?
Jake: The test is an industry baseline test. The impact is to a damper that is completely rigid on initial impact. So it's pretty unrealistic to compare it to the real world where suspension, wheels, tires, arms, wrists, shoulders, etc… are absorbing the majority of the impacts. The force at max drop height is over 2000lbs of force which we have determined using math J and some fancy accelerometers.

Mtbr: How does 150 drops at max height compare to others?
Jake: We tested a popular Brand A aluminum bar at 345 grams and a Brand B carbon bar from a competitor that was 785 wide and 225 grams. The Brand A aluminum bar at nearly 100 grams heavier bent to unrideable proportions after 40 or so drops. The Brand B competitor's carbon bar broke at 32" or after 5 drops and never made max height.

Our ENVE Sweep Bar and Riser bars will take the 44" drop but will display damage. There are no other carbon bars that we've tested that will take that hit. They usually display damage before we get to that height.

Fact of the matter is that this impact is more than anyone could hang on to. Carbon doesn't fatigue like alloy, if you crash or impact alloy it remembers it. Carbon can take impact like the one in the video forever as long as the resin/fiber bonds aren't crushed or broken. The only damage we have ever seen in the field has been associated to lock on grips that use set pins and over tightening certain stem models that are sharp edged. The ENVE Direct Mount stem we used for the testing really helps prevent damage to the clamp zones.


The Minnaarbar is an 808mm wide, 245 gram, full-carbon downhill specific handlebar that is produced and manufactured in Ogden, Utah. The Minnaarbar is an exact replica of the handlebar Greg ran throughout the 2013 World Cup season.

The Minnaarbar is now shipping and will retail for $225.