Do you remember the 'Log Slide' segment in Danny MacAskill's Wee Day out film? It was woven into an elaborate sequence of tricks and took perhaps 10 seconds of screen time.

How was that trick envisioned, scouted, and executed? Did it take a few tries or a lot more? How much time and money was involved? And more importantly, how much pain and injury did it inflict on one best trick riders in the world?

"I have decided to use a bit of the extra time I have had recently to trawl through the archives and revisit some of my favorite tricks I have done in recent years to provide a deeper insight into just what goes on behind the scenes.
In the first episode we look at the "Log Slide" from my 2016 Film "Wee Day Out" I produced with Red Bull and Cut Media. "

-- Danny MacAskill

'Wee Day Out' Full Film:

So that gives insight into what it takes to deliver these films. The creators try and try and magic happens once in a while. And for every one of these successes that pops and makes the world look, we are certain there's many that never get completed, make the final edit or worse, injure the rider.

So hats off to Danny MacAskill and the other fabulous film creators for trying and pushing the sport and mountain bike videos beyond our limits.