This video from May 2019 got over 8 million views because of two reasons: first, it was a brilliant and scary proposition to have Danny MacAskill pull your kid around on bike trailer. Second, Danny executed a trick that was previously inconceivable. And quite honestly, it may be a long time before it is executed again. There are just so many variables with a trailer, jumping it high in the air, flipping it upside down, and landing it. We dare any mathematician to calculate the physics behind that trick.

It certainly was the anchor that allowed this video to blow up and be shared by millions. Anyone can spare a few seconds in their busy day and check out that "did you see that?" moment.

I have decided to use a bit of the extra time I have had recently to trawl through the archives and revisit some of my favorite tricks I have done in recent years to provide a deeper insight into just what goes on behind the scenes. -- Danny

For some reason, Danny's business venture only had one client.​

For Episode 2 we look at the "Barrel Roll" from my 2018 Film "Danny Day Care" I produced with Cut Media.

And here is the full finished product, Danny Daycare. We are surprised it never opened for business.