The driver seems to attempt to run a cyclist over and then charges at him with a weapon.

Cyclists are often harassed or harmed by motorists on the road. A cyclist has to be absolutely vigilant riding around distracted drivers or ones with road rage that seem bent on harming cyclists.

Well, the tables were turned on Singapore when a truck driver had an exchange with a cyclist and tried to hit him or push him off the road. Then after a few more words, the driver rushed out of the truck with a weapon. The cyclist dropped his bike, took a defensive position and clocked him.

If Chuck Norris was a cyclist​

And it was all captured on video. Good thing too as this happened in Singapore, a country that takes law and order very seriously. According to Strait Times, the 32-year old driver was arrested for committing "a rash act which endangered the personal safety of others," said police in a statement.

The 55-year-old cyclist is assisting the police with their investigations for voluntarily causing hurt. We wish the best for the cyclist and will add more information as we find out more. Chuck Norris would be proud though.

And this reminds us of this classic video of a 'would be' cyclist attacker. It's refreshing to see these video when the tables are turned because so often, the cyclist is defenseless and harmed.