Cam Zink backflip

In the elite world of freeride and slopestyle mountain biking, even the biggest names in the sport look up to Cam Zink. At 28 years old, Zink last year landed a 78-foot step-down backflip during a treacherous run in the Redbull Rampage. Zink somehow comes up with the most death-defying lines then puts a flip in it to take it to another level. Now he's stepped it up once again, launching 100 feet from a 15-foot-high dirt ramp to a 25-foot-high landing for the longest dirt-to-dirt mountain bike backflip in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The jump setup was designed by Zink and will be built by the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park team at Mammoth's Canyon Lodge in California, where reached speeds of up to 46 mph to soar beyond 100 feet.

Roenigk talks with Cam Zink after his record-setting backflip in Mammoth, CA.

Zink, the 2010 Freestyle Mountain Bike World Tour champion, is currently ranked 12th on the 2014 FMB World Tour. He helped bring freestyle mountain biking to X Games last year with its debut at X Games Munich 2013, where he placed sixth, and has been among the riders leading the charge to make the event an X Games mainstay.