Dustan Sept of Norco Bikes is a beer guy. And true beer guys know that the best beer in a town or city is usually not bottled yet due to volume constraints. So enter the growler, the new standard in taking beer home from your favorite brew pub. It's half a gallon or 4 pints so it's a bit much for an individual to consume but great with a friend or two. The beer in a growler doesn't keep too long so it has to be consumed within a week. And once opened, the growler has to be emptied or the beer will go flat. One of the secrets of the growler is it's filled to the absolute brim so there is no air trapped inside the bottle that will compress and allow the beer to go flat.

But how does one take a growler home, have fun on the local trails and help mother earth at the same time? Dustan is a resourceful guy so he found a way with the 2014 Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike. Note that Dustan maintained good 'honey-do' relations by pretending he's running errands and getting supplies for a picnic.

-- Francis Cebedo --

The North Shore Beer Run - Fat Bike Growler Style

Editor's Note: Words and photos by Dustan Sept of Norco Bicycles.

What do you do when you look in the fridge and find some OJ, Cola, Purple Stuff and an empty craft beer growler. Ignore the purple stuff! it is time to pull out your bike and head on a North Shore style beer run.

To do a beer run like this it takes a few unique items.

The first item is a 2014 Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike. If you are about to go on a ridiculous mountain bike beer run carrying an empty 1.89l growler you will likely need a Fat Bike. This need is not necessarily for function but with it you will look damn good along the way. Fat bikes have larger tires than your average bike giving extra traction on snow, ice or when carrying a growler through technical mountain bike terrain.

The second item you will need is a Growler Cage. Specifically designed to take your growler along on any impromptu bike ride this steel cage is wrapped in neoprene to protect the glass container and is mountable on most styles of bicycle. The bottle-fit is quite snug holding the growler firmly but if you decide to go mountain biking with it be careful; It is not designed for this type of use and could likely cause the glass to break under extreme circumstances. If you are seeking a means of carrying your craft beer from the brewery to your favorite beer-drinking location check out the Growler Cage!

The third item on the must-have list is a brewery that is close to the end of your favorite mountain bike trail. In North Vancouver the Deep Cove Brewers And Distillers is set to open their doors on August 23rd at their North Vancouver BC, Dollarton Highway location. If you are out riding the iconic North Shore trails of Mt. Seymour the crew at the Deep Cove Brewery tasting room will be your best friends afterwards! Stop in and say hello, tell them sent you!

With these basic tools, you too can be enjoying the fruits of your labour in the form of a cold craft beer.

Thanks to Norco Bicycles, Growler Cage and Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers for making this video possible.