An unusual event was held in Tianmenshaw, China called the Red Bull Sky Gate. Basically, top slopestyle athletes in the world were invited to participate in a stunt style competition that involved riding down 999 steep steps that delivered a 50 degree slope, then go through some gap jumps and wall rides and finish off with a big stunt jump.
Taylor gives us a course preview.

We are fairly certain that the riders were paid to make their appearance in the event but had little idea of what the course was going to look like. The course was indeed a surprise to some of the riders as few could have imagined descending down such a steep slope.

Unfortunately, Kelly McGarry was injured as his brakes failed halfway down the hill and he plunged out of control down the steps. Here is an update in his own words.

"Hey team thanks for the messages, I'm all good, munched my foot a bit and got two cuts on arm totalling 7 stitches. Brakes cooked and pulled to the bar half way down course ( 1000 ft of 50 degree stairs + 97 kg bloke at race pace) ...was on a runaway train ...Scary moment for sure .Stoked to be ok. Cheers"

- Kelly McGarry-

McGarry's brakes failed halfway down the hill resulting in this massive crash.

Check out this highlight video of the event. We're not really sure what to say about it but a plea for athlete safety has to be made. Race organizers and host cities always have to look out for rider safety on top of any kind of event or publicity.

here are the highlights of this inaugural event. We wonder if there will be a repeat.