Well this is making the rounds today. It seems to be from Europe... Switzerland to be exact but they're really hitting home with mountain bikers across the globe. Give it a view and see how you score.

I think the real title is not 'Should Have Done' but 'Should Do'. For mountain biking, like all great disciplines is about looking forward and planning great adventures, and doing them over. 'Rinse, Ride, Repeat' are words to live by.

But this is just one person's list. What's on your list of Top Ten Things a Mountain Biker Should Experience.

Here's FC of Mtbr's list:

10. Go on a road trip and hit the Bend, OR area or the Sedona, AZ vortex with your best riding buddies.
9. Ride with your kid. Ride with your dad.
8. Ride during sunset, and sunrise.
7. Ride for seven days straight, sometimes twice a day.
6. Hit a stream crossing so hard that you get completely drenched.
5. Ride a flow trail or a pump track.
4. Have a post-ride bbq in the woods.
3. Have your favorite beer/IPA waiting for you after the ride. Or mid-ride.
2. Ride with so much joy that you forget what bike you're riding or what day it is.
1. Ride so focused that you completely zone out for about 30 seconds.

And here's our resident endurance hammer Mark Gouge's list:

1. Ride a single speed
2. Ride the White rim trail in a day (100m in Moab)
3. Ride a Fat bike in the snow
4. Put a bell on your bike and see the smiles hikers give you for ringing it
5. Trail work
6. Ride in the Aspens when the colors are turning in the fall
7. Set a goal of riding a 100 m race in the summer and train towards it.
8. Put together a team with 3 buddies for a 24hr race
9. Ride an IMBA classic trail
10. Ride fast downhill while your buddy videos

What's on your list?