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More riding. Lower Loop, and Upper Lower Loop. A gentle recovery ride amidst several weeks of fairly solid riding. They should get a bit more creative with the names, all of those uppers and downers can run together and get downright confusing.

Another in a series of pleasant rides. The sour tinge of Elliot Barker is but a distant memory.

This brings us to the Chainless Race. I opted to spectate this year, and took a little bit of extra time to stroll around town and see what concoctions were being produced fro the race. In no time at all I found Crested Butte artistry/ingenuity at its finest.

A lady walked over, looked and said, "Oh, I thought you guys were working on something IMPORTANT."


artfully overcoming aerodynamic disadvantage

the bike:helmet classiness ration is off here.


And Down Goes Frazier!!!!!

another casualty. or maybe causality.

^married the next day

Good fun as always.

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We were in Durango a couple of weeks ago and these pictures remind me why CB is THE mountain bike town in CO bar none (despite the admittedly lengthy winters). Best place to hang, ride and have fun on bikes.

Good stuff!

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