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vid contest: i need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sorry for the spamlike shameless scurrilous scandalous
plug for votes (on a diff. forum too heh heh), but checkitout:

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theo rules......yours was insanely better no doubt:thumbsup:

You know you got mine!
i like the varition of the movie. not just the freestyle contest but the racing to. also, seeing the lifestyle was a nice add.
wow, the second one was so much better. if anybody votes for the first one they didnt watch theos...the racing was cool

ps. i hope your are theo cause he is going to win
man, i appreciate it you guys!
(n yup, i'm theo -- they just spelled & pronounced my name wrong ha)
right on zach!
good lookin out!!
won the head to head battle --
thanks for your help you guys!!
now i need y'all to hookitup again for the final 4 voting!!!!
hella juiced!!
two camelbucks a vote, i promise you this much my friends!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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