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Whoah boy. This is going to be something. From the looks of it, going to rival Drevil's as my favorite mtbr bike.
Not fair that my bike was a practice! :mad: ;)

Dr J has one of the most enviable quivers out there. I can't wait to see how his Vertigo is going to be different.

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so i've been messing around on this....

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim

summary: vertigo cycles fat bike AKA Snow Job. short rear end, wide, press fit bb shell, rigid specific, very one-off fork, relaxed and large offset at the front to take advantage of the grip of a fatty but keep it feeling light. post mount 180mm on the front, with 135mm front hub OLD spacing. Paul wHub to HED and DT Swiss big ride 197mm rear (thanks to Lacemine29) but a 170mm spaced race face next sl with the ring flipped for correct chain line but narrower Q. XTR 1x11 shifting and m980 brakes. errrr....other bits and bobs....weighs 25.5 lb and rides feathery-like.

Bicycle part Metal Iron Bicycle chain Gear

despite how tight the back end is (~420mm) there's plenty of room...

parts might see a change or two, but this bike fits like a glove and I instantly fell in love with the traction.

so i took it to some places where i need cush, traction and ideally not to damage the ground (sub arctic/tundra of the Cairngorm is a fragile environment)

Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim

Tire Bicycle wheel Wheel Bicycle frame Mountain bike

Natural environment Bicycle wheel Mountain bike Bicycle Forest

Tire Wheel Highland Mountainous landforms Spoke

The purpose of the fat bike for me was to allow cycling over rougher ground, boggy ground and (winter is coming....) snow.

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim Mountainous landforms Mountain bike

it takes a bit of effort to get up there, but the rewards are high...

Eyewear Vision care Glasses Helmet Mountainous landforms

Mountainous landforms Highland Mountain range Valley Hill

but this bike is such a great big bag of fun, its seen use on my local trails, too...

Clothing Bicycle wheel Tire Bicycle frame Wheel

Tire Bicycle frame Wheel Bicycle wheel Mountain bike

and some action on the East Coast...where the big tyres allowed some serious messing around...

Rock Bedrock Forest Adventure Bag

Sean also took the time to teach me how to *really* get the best out of a fatty!

Clothing Tire Footwear Bicycle wheel Wheel embedded the video, but i couldnt see it on an ipad but could on a mac...weird. update: cant work out why the video was not showing on iphone/ipad, so linky ... here.

suffice to say, stoked!

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The bike sean is on is his own fatty. He did build the forks. Super dooper one (ok, maybe 3) off to facilitate front end geo experimentation - I doubt he'll do more - lets just say his thoughts on the geo works admirably!
Yeah, I remember seeing Sean on here suggesting that he wasn't too impressed by the truss-style fork, essentially stating that it was nothing special compared to a properly built traditional fork. I assume a lot of work has to go into a truss fork, and if he sees no gains outside looks, then what's the point.

PS. Don't mean to put words into your mouth, Sean. If I ever win the lotto, we'll be in touch.

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The truss is a colossal amount of work. My feeling is that it is a lot stiffer fore/aft than a uni crown of the same weight, in any material other than carbon and if you want to make a fork from ti, it's probably the best option for heavier use. Tubes for Ti Steerers are not overly available in a range of dimensions. Of course a heavier steel or (again) a carbon fork would be a different kettle of fish, but you don't get to fine tune length or offset with the latter. So yes... Small increments of benefit. Where I do like it is when I am hammering into a situation where I am going to turn and brake at the last second.... The traction of the big tyres I feel leads to more potential for flex in the fork... And of course it looks rad!
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