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Versatile Wheelset

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Just picked up a Soulcraft Option 3 steel hardtail late summer last year. it was a complete bike but some of the components were older so I've been slowly replacing them. Next big move is the wheelset. Been thinking about pulling trigger on King/Mavic 819 wheels for a while now.

The only beef I have with the Soulcraft frame is its V-brake only. I've since put disc on front with a new fork but don't want to pay the steep price of sending back to Soulcraft for Disc tabs in back.

Question: Is it wise to get a set made (or build myself) with a Mavic 819 disc in front and Mavic 819 rim brake in back? I would then use King ISO hubs front and back and then the wheelset could be usable on my other bike which is full disc. Anything I should be aware of if I go this route?

I have a set of Mavic crossrides which are both disc and rim brake compatible I use as a back up set and they work fine. Maybe I just answered my own question.

Anyway thanks
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