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I've been wanting to do my own tubeless set up for some time. The only compressor I own is a small DC VIAIR compressor that I keep in my Jeep for air-up/air-down on beach rides but don't own a high pressure compressor. I looked around for a cheap pancake or bottle compressor but when it came down to it, between compressor, hoses, presta connectors etc, I was looking at $200+. I picked up the VENZO tank from Amazon for $60 and it turned out great!

I prepped the rims, re-taped them, added new stems I used my hand pump to get the tank to 160 PSI, flipped a lever and it set the bead perfectly with a nice pop.

I added the Stan's and pumped up to pressure with my hand pump. After two days, no leaks, no seeping and no pressure drop. Piece of cake!

My local shop charges $20 a tire for tubeless set up, so I'm already 2/3 of the way to recouping my investment. I will still buy the tires from them but now I'm more self-sufficient.
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