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Ventana frames and rohloff rear hubs???

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I'm thinking about a ventana el salt to be used with a rohloff rear hub, so was wondering if ventana can make a type of custom frameset that'll help with the chain tension and tidy up the cable routing, also what tubing is available for the el salts, as i would like to build this up to be a bit stronger.

Cheers for any advice.
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I've heard a few custom builders and even Rohloff suggesting to customers & custom builders to stick with standard vertical dropouts and a Speedbone setup for simplicity, especially on full suspension designs. The Speedbone attached to the disc tabs is probably just one step shy of being unobstrusive. Unless the suspension design is a URT or bottom bracket-centric pivot (alá LenzSport), there's no way to avoid running a tensioner. Some custom cable guides would be a cool add-on, though!
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