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vdo c2 computer

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I received a computer for x-mas. My first. The instructions say to mount sensor pointing forward on the left side fork. I thought this sounded funny. I was worried about something coming up and hitting the sensor. So I mounted it backwards on the right fork.

After that I found out that it actually cannot be mounted on the rear of the right fork. The speed reading is really high. But, if you spin the wheel backwards it seems to show slower speeds. Which is how the sensor would pickup if it was mounted forward on the left fork.

Basically I wanted to get some opinions on how you like to mount/direction your sensor.
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Mount it forward and make sure the magnet lines up with the horizontal line molded in to the lower part of the body. The sensor is more sensitive receiving from this side, and not the curved side.

The transmitter transmits strongest straight up. On the front of the fork, it's got a straight shot to the computer, although if this is one of their Digital DS series computers, it won't matter as those transmitters have incredible range and will reliably transmit from the fork to the stoker's handlebars on a tandem.
not only that, but think about it. when you are moving forward on the bike, with the sensor pointed forward, the rotation of the wheel will prevent problems with the sensor should it get bumped into the spokes. It will just get pushed forward again. Maybe you have to get off and adjust it to stop the plinking noise.

If you mount it pointed backward, if it gets bumped into the spokes, you could damage the sensor or your spokes, and depending on how tightly it is attached, you could have a spectacular inadvertent dismount.

But yeah, it works better if the magnet comes close to the little horizontal line on the sensor pickup, so it needs to be on the left pointed forward.
I was just re-reading this and missed the part you wrote about the left leg.

NateHawk is correct for all of the right reasons -- that's my preference, too -- but just to clarify two points:

Left leg or right leg doesn't matter. But you obviously have to avoid the disc rotor if you're equipped, so right leg is my preference. If you mount it too high up the fork leg, so that the magnet is moved closer to the rim, you may find that the magnet gets knocked around a bit out on the trail.

I was confused: I thought the C2 was wireless (the C2 DS is wireless, and digital), but I just looked through the instructions and see the base version is wired. From your post, I gather you are using the wireless version, but if it's wired, the sensor mounting is a much simpler affair (because it's much smaller) and you can place it where you please.
Yes, you do have to avoid the disc rotor if you have one. Another word of note - if the sensor and magnet is placed too far towards the outside of the wheel, the magnet may not be close enough to the sensor no matter how much you try. It needs to be closer to the hub. I've usually put mine in the half closest to the hub depending on the sensor I'm using and how far away it permits the magnet to be. 1-2mm has worked for me.
Hey Guys,

Steve here from IBEX Sports the US distributor for VDO Cyclecomputers.
VDO suggests mounting the C2DS wireless transmitter on the left side pointing forward and mounting the computer either on the stem or left side of the handlebar. The reason being is, the head unit has an antenna that should be in a direct line of sight with the head unit. As an alternative, you can even mount the transmitter on the rear chainstay, (if desired) as the transmission distance is great enough to still send and receive signal from this distance.

Hope that helps!

IBEX Sports
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