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So I just bought a new Jabber and installed my Marta sl's. I am having an issue with the rear caliper not being able to slide in the slotted caliper mounts all the way toward the front of the bike. It slides half way up, and then the caliper bottoms out on the mount. It has forced me to mount the caliper near the bottom of the mount, which means that my rear hub is now near the end of the horizontal dropouts. Check the pic out below.

First, has anyone ever mounted Martas to a Jabber? If so, how did you get around this issue? Second, what are the opinions about riding full time with the rear axle that far back in the sliders? I can tell you that the axle is getting a full bite on the frame, but if I moved it back just a hair, I would start to come off the back end.

Thanks so much for any and all help!

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