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Vassago Bandersnatch Weight?

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Does anyone know how much the 2010 frame actually weights?
I'm looking at an 18" frame, and I've read that the frames were coming in heavier then stated in the past. So if you have the new 2010 or even one of the older frames and happen to know what the actual weight is I'd appreciate it.
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I have weighed a few 18" frames and they have been between 4.91 and 4.96 lbs... hope that helps!
5 pounds here and 2.5 pound odis fork. My friend just picked up stumpjumper expert with 140mm travel small wheels and his bike is lighter.
My 2010 20" came in right at 5.5lbs with headset when I weighted it at the shop. I'd say it weights on the site are pretty close if not right.
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