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I have a bike that came with a Fox Rhythm 34. It had an air leak and, instead of repairing it, Canyon just replaced the whole fork (I didn't complain!).

The replacement fork felt stickier and less sensible than the original (nothing to worry about, but it was noticeable). I opened it, checked that everything was ok, and serviced the lowers. Nothing improved, so I just rode the fork for a year. I also made a lower service in that year with the same results.

After a year of riding, I decided it was time to do another service and replace the wipers. I bought the original Fox wiper kit and replaced them.

To my surprise, the fork is now butter smooth. It seems like it soaks dust particles.

Is there sufficent variability in tolerances for this to happen? has anyboady else noticed it?

My previous forks were Rockshox and Suntours, and I never had this happen to me.
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