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I have an I-Drive race, which I believe was designed around an 80mm fork.

Due to recent neck pain, I need more cushion, but cannot at this time afford a new bike (would LOVE to get a Hollowpoint).

Therefore, now that the Vanilla R 100mm is on sale for $300, I am wondering if it would be too much travel or too much stress on the headtube. I dont ride terribly hard, and I am light (150lb) as well.

I love the idea of the Fox coil...yet, maybe a Manitou with RTWD would allow better tuning?

Anyone know if this would be a good idea, or would it be dangerous to the frame? GT doesnt like to answer e-mails, so I am SOL there.

esited to add: I have already raised my bars, added risers (I like them), cushier grips, fatter tires and made my current fork a bit softer (Six Deluxe) to try to lessen the neck issue. it has helped, but I think that more travel would be more helpful.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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